Serina Haratoka Tara 

Serina (Istanbul, 1979)was first introduced to visual arts, design, mythology and art history at the Italian High School in Istanbul. She studied architecture at Yıldız Technical University in Istanbul and cinematography at Universidad de las artes escénicas y cinematográficas UACE in Barcelona and spent the following 14 years studying and traveling the world while working as a tour guide and a professional photographer.

She has also been practicing Shamanic ancient healing techniques for over 10 years and perceives people, thoughts and emotions as symbols, colors and forms of energy.

Serina’s passion for art and her spiritual journey has given rise to her latest artwork series called "Sacred Colors,” a collection of vibrant energy and frequency of colors on canvas.

Her artworks combine a wide spectrum of colors, brush techniques and mixed media creating a variety of spiritual personas in each painting.

“Sacred Colors,” explores themes of nature, human, healing, love, history, space and energy.

She currently owns an art studio in Kavacık, Istanbul.

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